Evil “Dr. Shock” gay cure Doctor on trial for sexually abusing male patients…

A Canadian psychiatrist will stand trial for allegedly sexually abusing numerous male patients who were predominantly prisoners.  But it gets even worse.

Aubrey Levin, known in South Africa as “Dr Shock” for his use of electroshock therapy, is charged with sexual assaults on 10 patients, mostly prisoners assigned by the Canadian justice system for treatment. On Tuesday, a jury ruled he was fit to stand trial after the defence claimed Levin, 72, was suffering from the early stages of dementia.

Levin was arrested only after a male patient secretly filmed him making sexual advances. Earlier complaints by others were ignored by the authorities or not believed.

“I didn’t want him to write anything negative about me. So I pretty much kept quiet through the whole ordeal and the next time I came forward I was going to bring a tape recorder and record everything he was going to say, just to protect myself,” the man said.

30 other patients have now come forward with accusations of sexual abuse by the scumbag.

Levin was a colonel in the South African military and chief psychiatrist at 1 Military hospital in Pretoria in the 1970s and 80s, where he was in charge of a unit where electric shocks were administered to “cure” gay white conscripts.

Levin encouraged commanding officers and chaplains to refer “deviants” for electroconvulsive aversion therapy, which consisted of homosexual soldiers being shown pictures of naked men and encouraged to fantasies as they were subject to increasingly powerful electric shocks until they begged for the pain to stop.

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