Nancy Pelosi bitch slaps Boehner’s DOMA Defense as it reaches $1.5 Million Limit…

Nancy Pelosi rips Congress Republican leaders for spending the $1.5 million spending cap on the legal defense of the  Defense of Marriage Act.

The Bipartisan Legal Advisory Group, which is led by House Speaker John Boehner, has intervened in 14 DOMA challenges in federal courts now that the Department of Justice and the Obama Administration have decided to stop defending the law in court. So far, $1,447,996.73 of the alloted $1.5 million to continue defending DOMA has been spent within one year and three months according to the Committee on House Administration. The current contract, agreed upon by the committee’s chairman Dan Lungren, specifies that spending to defend DOMA in court cannot exceed $1.5 million.

“The American people should no longer have to foot the bill for Speaker Boehner’s campaign to appease the most conservative forces within the Republican Party,” Pelosi said in a statement Tuesday. “It is time for the Speaker and Congressional Republicans to drop their frivolous, taxpayer-funded lawsuits without any delay. When they do, we will all look forward to the day when DOMA is relegated to the dustbin of history once and for all.”


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  1. Jim Hlavac
    Jim Hlavac10-17-2012

    Why did she not say “stop using gay taxpayers money to fund a campaign against them” — oh, it’s nit picking — but it was her party which joined Republicans in passing that law in the first place. And why, when she was speaker of the house, did she not introduce the simple repeal legislation that her party, in control of both houses, and the presidency, could have done to send this to the “dust bin of history.” No, she waited, to use it – -us — as a political issue. We are a toy to this woman.

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