Anti-gay mega morons, One Million Moms Protests Jennifer Lopez’s New lesbian TV Show ‘The Fosters’

Anti-gay organization One Million Moms Morons, have sounded the alarm over Jennifer Lopez’s new lesbian TV show…

Upon discovering that Lopez’s ABC Family pilot “The Fosters” was about “two women raising a ’21st century,’ multi-ethnic mix of foster and biological kids,” One Million Moms started a campaign to stop the show from airing.

Obviously, ABC has lost their minds,” the organization posted in a statement on its website. “One Million Moms is not sure how the explanation will be given on how the biological children were conceived. None of this material is acceptable content for a family show … Let’s stop this dead in it its tracks.”

Teri Polo and Sherri Saum have been cast as the Stef and Lena Foster in the ABC Family drama pilot. Recently, it was revealed that Maia Mitchell has been cast as Callie, a troubled teen with an abusive past who Lena decides to take in, and David Lambert joins the pilot as Brandon, Stef’s biological son.

OMM has tried this now boring path before. They tried UNSUCCESSFULLY to destroy Ryan Murphy’s “The New Normal” which airs on NBC and as a result, NBC just picked it up for a full year….

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