Anti-gay bullying maybe the cause of Teen’s Suicide…

And this is what Tony Perkins’s and his cohorts alike, with their hate speech contribute too. 

David Hernandez, who was a junior, committed suicide after what may have been a result of anti-gay bullying…

David, who was 16 years old and born in Ecuador, died on September 29. Rumors that he had been bullied at school for being gay have been circulating on the internet, but they have not been confirmed. His 
family declined to comment this week through a friend of the family.

David had attended meetings of the Gay-Straight Alliance at the high school last year, according to a letter to the editor in last week’s East Hampton Star from a recent graduate, Andrew Bennett, and he had attended another one just a few days before his death, according 
to the alliance’s president, Joel Johnson, who along with Andrew helped to found a gay-straight alliance at the East Hampton Middle School as well as at East Hampton High School.

“This has been a tragedy. We are grieving for David, his family and our community,” East Hampton School Superintendent Richard Burns said in a statement he read on October 2 at a brief School Board meeting before he, the board’s members and other school officials left for visiting hours at the funeral home, where a large crowd gathered.

Rest in peace kid…

via East Hampton News – Gay-Lesbian Youth Support Group To Host Town Hall Meeting This Month To Discuss Teen’s Suicide – 27east.

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