Update: Blue Jays player Yunel Escobar:I’m sorry for anti-gay slur…

Like i said, we knew this would be coming. I posted before about Toronto Blue Jays shortstop Yunel Escobar who painted “You are a faggot” under his eyes in Spanish. Well know the apology has arrived and the “I’m sorries & It was a joke & i have nothing against the gays” blah blah blah. 

29-year-old Escobar was hit with a 3 game suspension and his salary will be forfeited for each game with a portion of it going to GLAAD.

“I feel bad, I’m leaving my team for something I didn’t intend to do. I have nothing against the gay community and honestly I’m sorry.”

He claimed, “It was just a joke and it wasn’t directed to anyone in particular.”

Escobar says the phrase has a different meaning in Spanish … but when asked to clarify what it meant to him or why he wrote it … he couldn’t come up with a real answer.

A different meaning? Maricon is synonymous with the word Faggot. Take the phrase put it into a translator and see what you get? I did and “You’re a Faggot” appears every time. No my computer is calling me a queer.. ;)

“It was just a joke and it wasn’t directed to anyone in particular.” Who finds that funny? To be honest i find it more offensive that it was NOT directed at a particular person then just a “joke” sent out to the masses. Wtf is that? I think that shows there was a homophobic intent behind it.

Look, bottom line. Far to many of these homophobic incidents have happened where celebrities, athletes and politicians have used demeaning anti-gay words, then apologize for it.  They get huge media coverage. Escobar is 29 yrs old, has he been living under a rock? Are you effing kidding me with this apology? There is just no excuse. 

Also, i am still scratching my head as to why NO ONE on his team said anything to him? I mean lets take the gay twist out of it for a second and replace it with, “Tu Ere gilipollas” (asshole) would the coaches approve of that?

A person who is not homophobic or was not intentionally trying to spew homophobic slurs would never have done this as a “joke”, to no one “in particular”…

this gets filed under bitch please…


via MLB Star Yunel Escobar — I’m SORRY for Eye Black Gay Slur | TMZ.com.

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