School wants you to Partner in “Pubic” Education…Lols…













A school banner had the misfortune (well not to us) of putting up a banner with a typo that no one caught.

 Red Lion Area School District — a school district in Pennsylvania, put up their banner for the Prep Rally and missed a knee slapping high school students dream mistake. 

The sign was obviously suppose to read “Become a partner in Public Education” however the banner company left out the “L” as in lols….

Don Dimoff, the marketing and communications manager for the Red Lion School District in a conversation with Prep Rally on Thursday.

“To be honest with you, all that really happened was the sign company made a spelling error, and in the midst of putting it up for a football game some of the other people missed it,” Dimoff told Prep Rally. “As soon as we found out about it the damage had already been done. It was an honest mistake. It doesn’t reflect on the quality of our sponsors or our programs. It was just an honest mistake by a sign company.

I can hear my high school  nephews laughing their asses off about this…

ps. I think there should be pubic grooming education…

via School official explains embarrassing typo on ‘public’ school sports sign | Prep Rally – Yahoo! Sports.

  1. Jim Hlavac
    Jim Hlavac09-13-2012

    Everybody caught, it’s all over the web — yep, everyone saw this glaring error. Except the people who were supposed to; and were paid to do so — who were many.

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