Republican Aaron Schock, has a hissy fit & storms off interview after being asked about gay rumors…

Lols! Love a good queen freak out. Aaron Schock the republican congressman (and probably the circle jerk fantasy of the GOProud)  from IL. Had a tantrum after Michael Signorile asked him about the long standing gay rumors and his vote against the DADT repeal…

Asked on the floor of the RNC in an interview for my SiriusXM OutQ radio program to respond to those who’ve believed that Schock is gay and also view his vote against “don’t ask, don’t tell” repeal as a vote against members of his own group, Schock responded, “Those questions are completely ridiculous and inappropriate.” He added, when asked if he is confirming that he is not gay, “I’ve said that before and I don’t think it’s worthy of further response. I think you can look it up.” Schock then walked off, abruptly ending the interview.

On why he voted against DADT repeal, Schock said: “I took the advice of military experts that came before Congress. I think that’s why you have John McCain and others who have a military background. Adam Kinzinger is a close personal friend of mine who’s an active duty member of Congress [in the district] next door to me and so I think that’s why you saw the consistency.”

Remember TMZ interviewed him walking in the gay ghetto in Tampa last week at the RNC…I always believe where there is smoke there is fire…

via Aaron Schock, Republican Congressman, Responds To Gay Rumors, Anti-Gay Voting Record.

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