Reichen Lehmkuhl leaving the glamorous world behind to become a Lawyer…

Focus on internet law, cuz i have gotten enough threats…;)

Reichen has decided to leave the glitz and glamour of “fame” to pursue another dream, becoming a lawyer. Perhaps that is a much better profession for him because “reality” tv did not do his character any favors. However we are much appreciative of his internet jo session. 

Reichen tells

“As much as I will miss the illustrious and fabulous life of an ‘A-list reality star,’ being public, being subject to the small but progressive, loud and proud, “gay-hate and take-down-other gays” judgment machine, and being the target of gossip from the flawless corps of amazingly accomplished, secure, sassy, role model bloggers of the gay media hate-o-sphere… the dignity department of my soul tells me that it’s time for a new direction.

I will, of course, also miss having the few worst moments of my life put on screen each week, with all 900 recorded hours of my best, positive, happy, benevolent, successful, charitable, fun, and loving moments vanishing, hidden as if they didn’t exist, and swiftly deleted from any sort of public view whatsoever…

Believe it or not, I don’t actually crave all that glitz and glamour, and I am heading to law school for a few years. I have some dreams I need to fulfill, and it’s time.”

Do we detect some snark in that tone? Can’t say i blame him. A-list not only embarrassed him, but the whole gay community. 

Something tells me, like rep. Larry Craig looking for dick under a bathroom stall, we have not seen the last of Reichen…

via Gaylebrity Reichen Lehmkuhl Hates The Haters And Is Gonna Be A Lawyer, Y’All! / Queerty.

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