Melissa Etheridge Says She Paid Twice As Much To ‘Divorce’ because she is gay…

This is why we need gay marriage…

My girl, Melissa Etheridge has said she supports gay marriage for the divorce. Etheridge appeared Joy Behar’s  Current TV talk show, Say Anything!

Speaking about the break up of her California domestic partnership with Tammy Lynn Michaels, Etheridge, she had to pay twice much then straight people because of the laws against gay marriage.

“I began to say I’m for gay marriage because I’m for gay divorce,” she told host Joy Behar.

“I don’t think people realize what a system heterosexuals have in marriage. You can marry someone and then, ‘Oops, you know, who is this person. I don’t know you.’ And you have to get divorced. And you take yours and they take theirs and, depending on what state, you divide it and nobody gets taxed. They all got it worked out.”

“But the gay marriage – I had to go around and you have to do this and I have to pay twice as much.”

“I could get sued but I can’t get divorced,” she added.

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