John Travolta Wins Legal Battle Over book detailing his alleged sex-capades in LA spas…

However not the kind of win you are thinking…In the book ’You’ll Never Spa In This Town Again’ by Robert Randolph, Randolph claims he saw JT in various spas all over LA engaging in sex with other men for years. I read the book and i must say, i personally believe it. It is far too detailed and i always say where there is smoke there is fire. 

Anyway in the libel suit which was actually filed by Randolph against JT and his lawyer, Randolph claimed they were trying to discredit him with lies about his mental state.

Randolph was suing the actor for allegedly attempting to discredit him and his book by claiming he had mental problems. The libel stems from an alleged letter fired off and leaked by the star’s lawyer Marty Singer, who was also being sued, claiming he had mental problems and that his book ‘You’ll Never Spa In This Town Again’ was fabrications and lies according to TMZ.

Randolph’s case was dismissed by the judge who agreed with Lynda Goldman, the lawyer representing Travolta and Singer, that the letter was a legitimate part of the legal dispute surrounding the book and is protected by the US’ First Amendment, freedom of speech.


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