Honey Boo Boo calls gay men ‘Poodles’…

I love TLC’s ‘Here comes Honey Boo Boo” it is priceless. But apparently off camera there has been some controversies in the Thompson home. So Big Momma June attempted to clear it up in a Facebook posting. You may have to read it a few times to figure out what she is saying because she writes like she speaks. June also explains why Honey boo boo calls gay men poodles…And for the record, she is not anti-gay…. 


well because it out there im going to adores it for my self personally out in fb…first I want to thanks the pageant mom for selling a good story to the national enquirer but u need to get our facts right and u exactly who u r im going to leave u on my list but just remember karma is a b****… first I was locked in 2008 in a contempt of court over a child of mine and a theft charges that was dismissed the same day cause I didn’t do it …second the enquirer story sugarbear isn’t all my girls daddy he is only alanas ..another yes CPS was in my life in march cause of bogus calls over the go go juice and a appearance we done at a concert/bar location we done that one time and one time only yeah I made a mistake I realize this and the judge in the court seen im a good mother and dismissed it it was the WORST 4 days of my life I dint wish it on no one im not a perfect parent by no means whi is but ppl that know us I love my girls and would do anything in the world for them …I don’t push alana to do anything she does when she doesn’t want to b on tv or do Pageants we r done …and another thing I HAVE NEVER made fun of Kaitlyn extra thumb on the right hand we just embrace it and have move on ..oh and alana calls all gay men.poodles she got that from her old pageant coach but she love her uncle and don’t judge any one .oh k now everyone knows what the truth so go sell my story the real story …

The “poodles” comment refers to the Thompsons’ second Toddlers & Tiaras appearance (which aired immediately before the Honey Boo Boo premiere). Alana’s gay-acceptance is verifiable: She practically hoped her pig Glitzy was gay and when her sister took exception, she retorted with the oft-quoted: “You can’t tell that pig what to do!”

ps. I think that is going to be my new name for gays. ” Girl, would you look at that poodle”

via Extra Thumbs, Convict Baby-Daddies and Visits from Children’s Services: A Guide to Honey Boo Boo’s Off-Screen Scandals.

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