GOProud’s auntie Tom self loathing Jimmy LaSalvia: Gay Pride Marchers Act Like ‘Lunatics’

Talking with crackpot washed up anti-gay hag, Victoria Jackson, Jimmy LaSalvia, executive director of gay GOP group GOProud, has again made auntie Tom statements against the gay community.

LaSalvia spoke with Jackson on her dumbass YouTube show.

“Don’t you think that Baptists like me would be less offended by the homosexual movement if there weren’t those gay parades where they have dildos and naked people flouncing around. Why do we have to have the gay parade? It seems like it’s making you lose respect,” Jackson asked.

“Well, I think that that’s a good point,” LaSalvia started. “It was until recently that that’s the only time most Americans saw gay people was at these parades. But now it’s different. We have gay people who are coming out in all communities and we have gay conservatives who are out at the Republican convention showing that gay people are just like everybody else. And that’s an important thing for folks like us who are conservatives to do because we have these folks who act like lunatics in the streets. And giving everybody a bad name.”

The “brilliance” of these two is just mind boggling. Pride started because of bigots like Jackson who discriminate against us. And for LaSalvia, the only people giving the LGBT community a bad name are the people such as your self and the group you helm.

LaSalvia is a self loathing gay who with his group GOProud do nothing but a disservice to the LGBT community and quite frankly are a laughing joke. Jackson on the other hand is washed up has been crack pot who understands that they only way she can garner any kind of media attention is be become the Anita Bryant of today. She is an unintelligent ignorant bigot. both of these two are vile pigs.

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