Gay Marriage Amendments: Minnesota ban support leading, Washington State pro-gay marriage leading…

It is infuriating enough to think that peoples civil rights are up for a vote. It’s quite disgusting actually. But it find it revolting that in Minnesota, in this day and age that the support to ban gay marriage is in the lead. I hope everyone who votes in favor of the ban will never have another peaceful night of sleep again…

A proposed amendment which would ban gay marriage in Minnesota is up by 7 percentage points, according to a new poll commissioned by ABC affiliate KSTP and conducted by SurveyUSA released on Tuesday.

The survey found 50 percent of Minnesotans favor passage of the amendment, while 43 object. Eight percent said they were undecided.

Update: As we all know polls vary but a new poll over at the NewCivilRightsMovement showed the survey at an almost even split:

A new poll finds voters even split, with 48% of voters supporting the ban and 47% of voters opposing it.

“It looks like a toss up,” notes Public Policy Polling (PPP) who conducted the poll of 824 likely Minnesota voters on September 10 and September 11. “In January we found 48/44 support for the ban, while in June we found 49/43 opposition,” PPP added:

Now on to the good news. The Washington State referendum to keep the February gay marriage law on the books has an 18 percent lead. 

Support for Referendum 74, the Washington state referendum on a gay marriage law, holds an 18-point lead, according to a survey released Tuesday.

The poll was commissioned by KING 5 TV in Seattle and conducted by SurveyUSA, which interviewed 700 Washington adults in person and by telephone.

Fifty-six percent of respondents said they support keeping the law approved by legislators, while 38 percent disagree. Six percent said they were not sure.

via Proposed Minnesota Gay Marriage Ban Holds Lead, Poll Says.

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