Gay couple sues Greenwich Village restaurant owner canceling gay wedding…


They planned have a rehearsal dinner at Amber Village, and also have their wedding catered by the Asian fusion joint at Sixth Ave. and 10th St.

On March 23, Greene met with manager Tommy Ho to plan a rehearsal dinner for 40 and reception food for 200 guests, court papers say. Ho took a $750 deposit for the dinner, charging it to Greene’s American Express card.

Ho then called to say the event might have to be moved to to Amber, a sister restaurant on Christopher St.

Later, allegedly a senior manager of Amber Village , Mr. Fong, contacted Ho:

“Fong was visibly angry and told Ho that he didn’t want any ‘gay parties’ at Amber Village,” the suit charges.

“Fong instructed Ho to ‘make an excuse’ and tell Greene that his rehearsal dinner could not take place at Amber Village and that his wedding could not be catered by them either.

“Fong also told Ho that it’s ‘very bad’ for Amber Village to book ‘gay parties’ and that big groups of ‘gay partyers’ are especially bad for feng shui.”

Feng shui is an ancient art that dictates where objects should be placed in a room to promote harmony and good fortune.

Um, it is a well known fact that gays only “elevate” the businesses they patronize and the areas in which they live. Hello. It’s called gay feng shui…

A manager that was contacted claims they restaurant is not homophobic at all.

“This is the West Village. We don’t turn away anyone,” Lee said. “We have gay managers.”

Well, the bottom line is that the restaurant never refunded their $750.00 dollar deposit for which the couple is suing for. But apparently the owner had some bad feng shui himself because the Amber Village, bit the dust in June and closed shop….
via Greenwich Village restaurant owner sued for backing out of gay wedding – NY Daily News.

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