Blue Jays’ player Yunel Escobar, had Homophobic Slur Written on Face during game…

Toronto Blue Jays player Yunel Escobar apparently a homophobe wrote a gay slur underneath his eyes while playing a game.

Shortstop Escobar is looking at disciplinary action after he wrote”Tu Ere Maricon”  which translates to “You are a faggot.” under his eyes during a Boston Red Sox game on Saturday.

The team released a statement Monday, denouncing “discrimination of any kind…The club takes this situation seriously and is investigating the matter.”

General Manager Alex Anthopoulos will speak to reporters Tuesday at Yankee Stadium, right before the Blue Jays play the Bronx Bombers. Escobar is expected to attend the press conference with his manager and coach.

Two things i would like to know. I who do not speak Spanish even knows what the word Maricon means, You can not tell me that no one around him such as coaches (which the team has two Spanish speaking coaches), players (he is not the only Spanish player on the team), employees did not know what the word meant? I wonder how Escobar who hails from Cuba would feel if another player had the words “You are a Spic” written across their eyes?

I really do not understand peoples thought process. Now hold on to your panties because you know, the ever meaningless apology is going to come out if it hasn’t already,with some bullshitz excuse as to the “unfortunate mistake” he made and claiming that he “loves and respects everyone” Even gays…blah blah blah….

There is no excuse…

Update: Escobar has dropped his lame apology…

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