Bienestar, California LGBT & Hiv Center Evicted by new landlord after 48hrs: You’re “”bringing disease” into building…

Wow. This is disturbing and insane…According to their website Bienstar was evicted after 48hrs of opening because they landlord does not want disease brought into his building. What a SCUMBAG…

BIENESTAR, a Southern California-based social services organization primarily serving the Latino LGBT, HIV/AIDS and at-risk communities, files discrimination suit after a Van Nuys landlord who entered into a lease agreement with BIENESTAR illegally terminated the lease and changed the locks, saying BIENESTAR was “bringing disease” to the building.   BEINESTAR seeks court order for immediate access to its property and files.

LOS ANGELES, CA [August 31, 2012] - After a thorough search for space and negotiating a three-year office lease, BIENESTAR, a social services organization providing critical services to Southern California’s Latino LGBT, HIV/AIDS and at-risk communities for more than two decades, relocated its Van Nuys center to 14546 Hamlin St. on Sunday, Aug. 12, 2012. The staff began providing services at their new location on Monday, Aug. 13, and by Tuesday, Aug. 14, the new center was fully operational. That same day, the building’s landlord abruptly demanded that BIENESTAR immediately remove its belongings and leave the premises. A locksmith arrived a few hours later and changed the locks on the doors. The landlord informed BIENESTAR on Aug. 15 – two days after BIENESTAR opened the center – that he was immediately and permanently terminating the lease. Since that date, the landlord has unlawfully denied BIENESTAR access to retrieve its property, leaving vulnerable populations without convenient access to critical services.

Today, BIENESTAR filed suit against the building’s landlord and gave notice that it will seek immediate injuctive relief to gain access to its property, including confidential client files.

“We feel that we have been treated unfairly . . . the landlord’s actions are a shocking example of the kind of LGBT and HIV/AIDS discrimination that BIENESTAR has committed itself to fight against and overcome since we started serving the community in 1989″ stated Oscar De La O, president and CEO of BIENESTAR. “This situation is very unexpected and distressing, especially when we have performed these same services half a block down the street from this Van Nuys location for 12 years. We have never faced this kind of situation before at any of our nine Southern California centers” added De La O. “We are deeply committed to stopping all forms of LGBT and HIV/AIDS discrimination, including this discrimination against BIENESTAR as a service provider to the community.”

Sue his ass!!! 


  1. Jim Hlavac
    Jim Hlavac09-02-2012

    Well, it’s just blatantly illegal under just plain ol’ contract law to sign a lease, then evict or nullify within the lease period. The 48 hours is irrelevant, the gay is irrelevant. It’s “sign a lease, and it’s a lease” that’s relevant. Go for big money awards, on the lease signing alone, leave the motive out of it –

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