Aussie Footballer Jason Ball Comes Out, Has goal to stop homophobia in the sport…

Power in numbers baby!

Australian football player Jason Ball (Yarra Glen team) has come out and plans to wipe homophobia out of sports with an  anti-homophobia ad during it’s major championship game, the Grand Final.

Ball’s has a campaign in which you can sign over at to get support for the ad.

“This is a terrifying petition to write,” Ball says on his petition over at “But it’s important. I’d like to tell you what it’s like being a gay footy player, because today there’s a real chance we could begin to change the culture of homophobia in the AFL.”

Ball said he thought that coming out to his teammates would be the worse thing that could happen to him, because it could have opened him up to bullying, targeted attacks from the other team, and hostility in the locker room. Eventually Ball came out to his teammates who welcomed him, and even told him they knew he was gay, and that it wasn’t an issue for them.

“I think I’m pretty lucky to have such a supportive group of players around me – especially in a regional town,” he wrote. “It could have gone the other way – and it’s no wonder to me that there are no openly gay players in the AFL.”

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