Anti-gay idiot Victoria Jackson gets schooled in Her anti-gay hate…

D-bag Victoria Jackson who is now more known for her anti-gay hate speech than her days on SNL, took to the streets during the DNC last month and got her dumbass handed to her by a gay rights activist.

During the exchange some homophobe douche bag who has a lesbian mother enters the picture to add his nonsensical ignorant bigotry and threatens the activist with violence if he does not stop smiling.

Watch the video below. Her stupidity is brilliant…


via Gay Rights Activist Destroys Wingnut Victoria Jackson and Random Bigot in Sidewalk Debate: VIDEO| News | Towleroad.

  1. dw

    i gave it 30 seconds and couldnt stand the sound of her voice. she is on drugs

  2. chuck

    She is such a fucking moron! Who the fuck would want to marry her with that voice!?

  3. fareed

    I want his number … He is so brave and well-spoken !!!!! Good job !

  4. Alex

    Is so sad that woman is such an Ignorant being, hope one day she has a good gay friends that opens her heart to good gay people!

  5. Jepoy

    I wanna marry him.

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