Wendy’s Franchise: “We stand with Chick-fil-A”, Headquarters bitch slaps them…

The Chick war just keeps getting crazier. Jim Furmen who owns 86 Wendy’s across North Carolina (like we are surprised, they just voted against marriage equality) posted a sign on one of his restaurants saying, “We stand with chick-fil-a”. Of course this got the ire of many people.

Towleroad reports that Wendy’s was looking into the matter:

Wendy’s now tells us: “An independent franchisee posted the sign, which he’s taken down. We proudly serve ALL customers!”

UPDATE: A Towleroad reader received this email from Amanda Domyan in Wendy’s consumer Relations department:

“This is one independent franchisee’s personal opinion. We are proud to serve customers of varied races, backgrounds, cultures and sexual orientation, with different beliefs and values. Bearing that in mind, this franchisee has decided to remove the messages from his restaurant signs.”

I think it is safe to say that when Wendy’s contacted him they gave him on hell of a bitch slap. Wendy’s is a franchise and you still have to abide by their rules.  Otherwise this bigot would not have taken down the sign. At least now the people of the community know that Jim Furmen stands behind hate…

via Wendy’s Distances Itself from Chick-fil-A: ‘We Proudly Serve ALL Customers’| News | Towleroad.

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  1. Jim Hlavac
    Jim Hlavac08-01-2012

    I think that this Chick-fil-a is one of the most strangest things on gay issues in a long time — and I welcome it — it has the entire nation thinking and talking. It’s amazing. That Chick-fil-a has reaped 10s of millions in free advertising from their $2 million investment in the admit failures of the Exodus (99.99% failure rate) groups is utterly hysterical, and not mentioned by more than me, apparently.. Meanwhile, the Supreme Court is now taking multiple gay marriage cases. And you know what is lost in much of this? The rights of religious freedom, free speech and the pursuit of happiness of gay folks. In all my many postings on the sites I go to (they would curl your hair,) and on FB with my Tea Party friends (God, do I loathe the IRS,) I keep harping on our Constitutional and Declaration of Independence rights. I don’t care what Chick-fil-a does — I never ate there in my life, I never would. But I care that they wish to trample my rights. But truly, I wish gay folks would put the positive spin on this — not that Chicky is a “hate” group or speech, but that what they say is their right, as it is our right to free speech, assembly, religion and pursuit of happiness that has been long denied. We gays are too defensive. The best defense is the offense: “Why are gays denied freedom of religion?” I’ve yet to hear a peep out of the defenders of Chicy.

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