RNC : Clint Eastwood’s awful pain worthy speech…Oh Clint, Wtf?

Wow,  is all i can say. The “big” surpize guest with the “big” awfully embarrassing speech. Let me say, i have no issue with Clint Eastwood. I know that he is for gay rights and gay marriage so this is not about political differences. It is simply about the speech. It was really, really awful. I honestly felt bad for him.

There are some great actors/directors that can do beautiful work, however they do not have the finesse for public speaking. Having not seen him give speeches in his political days, i do not know if he posses that knack and the maybe this was just and off night. One could easily blame his age of 82 but i am not sure that is the case. This man still “delivers” professionally.

He seemed confuse, tired and not able to stay on track as the speech just rambled. The whole “acting lesson” of speaking to an empty stool with an imaginary Obama sitting on it was painfully embarrassing and more suited for a skit on SNL with a comedic actor in place of Eastwood. It fell resoundingly flat.

Telling Obama “I’m not going to shut up” and saying he is  “absolutely crazy.”

Of course the Romney campaign defended it:“His ad-libbing was a break from all the political speeches and the crowd enjoyed it.”

Considering the crowd, that isn’t  saying much. Besides the Romney camp was so happy to actually have a celebrity of stature (Jon Voight Soooo does not count with his craziness) that they can’t throw him under the bus.

“So I’ve got Mr. Obama sitting here and I just was going to ask him a couple of questions. But you know, I remember 3½ years ago when Mr. Obama won the election and, no, I wasn’t a big supporter,” Eastwood said.

“I’m not going to shut up. It’s my turn,” Clint blurted out. It was like watching Sybil. Just craziness.

“I just wondered, all these promises, and then I wondered about you know, … what do you want me to tell Romney? I can’t tell him that. … Tell him yourself. You’re absolutely crazy.”  (Insinuating Obama saying tell Romney to go f*ck himself).

Like i said, i like Clint, but this was unfortunate…

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  1. lucifer

    This fucking fossil has 7 kids and 5 different women and only married one.
    I would have never sat through his movies knowing what I know now.
    82 and sounds evey bit of it.

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