Republican Platform Will Affirm DOMA, Federal anti-gay Marriage Amendment…

Like this is a big surprise.

A member of the Log Cabin Republicans, which is taking part in the national party’s platform drafting process for the first time this year, said the document will continue to endorse the Defense of Marriage Act and a federal constitutional amendment that would ban same-sex marriage.

“You’re still going to see stuff on the federal amendment. You’re going to see stuff affirming DOMA,” said Casey Pick, programs director of the Log Cabin Republicans and a member of the group’s delegation to the platform committee. The committee began meeting to finalize the platform Monday in Tampa, Fla., where the national convention will take place next week.

Can you get anymore self loathing than to help prepare a document that denies yourself equal rights? LOLS. What joke. Is GOProud proof reading it to make sure no other anti-gay policies are left out? Calling on  Jimmy Sue LaSalvia…

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