Rep. Jeff Landry mad over over college LGBT course. Gay brother bitch slaps him…

Rep. Jeff Landry from Lafayette, Louisiana, has his anti-gay feathers in a piss because of a new minor  program at University of Louisiana which explores Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender studies.

Landry penned a letter of disapproval to the pres of ULL, telling his Alma Mater to drop the minor because  ”it fails to provide an economic benefit to the participants or financial sense for the taxpayer.”

Um, it’s a college. Hello. It’s elective to attend. Nor is the class mandatory. Wtf? 

ULL became the first university in the state to offer LGBT studies, major or minor. And, just to be clear, “the LGBT minor did not require budgetary allocations or divert resources from other areas.”

But here is where it gets good, like every other homophobic down low closet case it seems;  Landry has a gay brother. God i miss Knots Landing. And he is not to happy with his brothers hate mongering.

Nicholas Landry, a fabulous events planner, took to his Facebook to show his displeasure with his sister brother.

“In reference to your recent quest to remove the LGBT minor from the UL curriculum, I want to state my opposition publicly. Ignorance is not education. Your constituents, heterosexual and homosexual alike, have made huge inroads in working towards equality in our community. By embracing diversity and acknowledging our differences, we gain understanding. Understanding is education.”

And like a scorned nasty queen, Jeff responded with: “”To my brother. I am sorry we disagree, but we still love and pray for you.”

Weak. But then again no Republican can ever face off with a mo’ and win. I mean for gods sake we wrote every soap opera in history. 

I would suggest that Jeffy pray for himself to be delivered from evils of ignorance and the closet…’ll see ya on Craigslist…;)

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