Must watch: Perfect Polly: Lifelike Bird Gives The Joy Of A Pet Without The Work!

Can you tell which one is Polly?

I can’t! Ok, i am a late night freak. I love to lay in bed until the wee hours of the of the morning and watch the I.D. channel or my Golden Girls marathon. And i LOVE infomercials. There is nothing better. Lipozene, Medi-Alert, Perfect Tortilla, the long reach comfort wipe, Flori Roberts Smart Cover, trendy top and one of my favorites, the Twist n Clip…and you can find them all at asseenontv

But i must say this one has got to be me favorite. Perfect Polly the robotic parakeet is the perfect answer to shut your kids the hell up when they whine for a dirty bird. Fling Perfect Polly at them and tell them to go feed her…They won’t know the difference.

According to their site:

The parakeet is a gorgeous bird and a wonderful companion, but live birds can be a lot of work! Share that beauty without the mess with Perfect Polly, the singing parakeet! Perfect Polly is the motion activated bird that is so lifelike, you will almost believe it’s real. Watch Perfect Polly as her head and tail feathers move back and forth, and hear her chirp that is as sweet and beautiful as a real live parakeet. Get all the joy of a feathered companion without the mess or expense of cages, food and accessories. And unlike real birds, you can turn Perfect Polly off with the touch of a button. Enjoy Perfect Polly’s company anywhere in the house, and she will be sure to bring joy to the whole family!

Today only, you get Perfect Polly Pet for just $14.99 plus $6.99 shipping and handling.

The shipping cost is like half the bird. I hope they throw in an extra tail for those kids with issues. And here is the best part, when they batteries die, you don’t even have to dump her in your compost pile or dig a backyard grave, just chuck her in the recyclables, shes plastic…

Watch the video below, HILARIOUS…

h/p Marcus!

via Perfect Polly | Official Site | Lifelike Bird Gives The Joy Of A Pet Without The Work!.

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