Must watch: New Promo for American Horror Story, Jessica Lange & Adam Levine!!

God October can’t get here fast enough. Even if that means i will be another year older, who cares! I love this show! The creep fest’s new promo shows a snippet of Levine and Miz Lange as the crazy nun reeking havoc this season.

Sset primarily in 1964 and take place in Briarcliff, a Massachusetts mental institution, run by Lange’s character, Sister Jude.

Lange hints that her new role will be as challenging as her fan favorite Constance from last season. “If I were playing a straitlaced nun, start to finish, I can’t say that would interest me too much,” Lange tells EW. “What’s great are the extremes. To go from where she was and where she’s getting to, that’s what’s going to be interesting.”






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