Matthew McConaughey Drops 30 pounds to play HIV+ Character…Based on a true story…

Photos of  Matthew McConaughey looking thin and sickly appeared the other day, but i some how missed them. Anyway the weight loss is a result of a new film he begins shooting next month about an HIV+ man smuggling non approved HIV drugs into the U.S. 

It is based on the true story of an anti-gay electrician Ron Woodruff who became HIV + from sharing needles when the epidemic first came to light in the 80′s.

Read the synopsis below, the film sounds really good.

Unable to fit the selection criteria for the new experimental drug AZT, Ron’s ‘fixer’ mentality takes over and he finds a way to buy the drug on the black market. But when Ron’s health takes a dramatic turn for the worse, he discovers a progressive homeopathic doctor practicing in Mexico and enthusiastically follows this new alternative regime. Soon Ron is healthy again and learns a horrifying fact: it wasn’t the virus that was killing him, it was the AZT that the FDA is already hastily and greedily rushing onto the market…

As opportunistic as ever, Ron returns to Dallas and starts smuggling herbal, non-toxic drugs into the country and treating fellow patients through his Dallas Buyer’s Club, only to be condemned and arrested by the government for illegal pharmaceutical sales. Unbeknownst to Ron, we watch as his character evolves and he becomes increasingly passionate and defiant about saving lives, rather than just trying to make a quick buck. And when Ron then gets embroiled in a massive lawsuit against the government over not only his right to treat himself, but also for others to buy from him and treat themselves naturally, he has to use every ounce of his determination and courage to take on the FDA – not only to save his own life, but also the lives of thousands of others.

The film is something McConaughey is passionate about, but he admits it hasn’t been easy to get the cameras rolling. “It was very tough to get the money for that one, being the subject material and it’s a period piece,” McConaughey told Larry King last month.

via Matthew McConaughey Drops Weight To Play HIV+ Drug Runner In “Dallas Buyer’s Club” / Queerty.

  1. Jim Hlavac
    Jim Hlavac08-29-2012

    Let me know when he does a romantic comedy of two in love guys who meet and live happily ever after and all the parents, siblings, neighbors and relatives are thrilled too! — why are no hollywood gay movies like that, eh? Why must they always be about the dying or dead gay guy? Egad, it’s pitiful, however “heartwarming” the story is — I want a happy gay movie for heaven’s sake.

    • Jeremy

      Aggh one of the worst actors on the face of the earth trying to do this … Its only be a wreck.

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