Man attacks guy with hammer: “I did it because they called me ‘gay’”…

A Canadian admitted that he attacked a Spanish tourist with a hammer outside City Hall this summer after the man and his girlfriend called him “gay” and “a Nazi.”

“They called me ‘gay’ and a ‘Nazi,’” the attacker told cops, according to documents released Tuesday in Manhattan Supreme Court. “Something inside me snapped and I grabbed the hammer and attacked the male. This is not my demeanor. I am ashamed that this altercation occurred. This was clearly not the correct reaction.”

Cops had immediately arrested their suspect in the July 30 attack, and the hammer-swinger gave his name as John Yoos. But prosecutors revealed Tuesday that his real name is Douglas Epp, a 39-year-old Canadian citizen now living in Crown Heights.

Apparently Epp’s was job hunting and took a break on a park bench to read the newspaper when the couple sat near him and started making anti-gay comments. Epp’s picked up a hammer that was under the bench and struck the male in the head.

Unless it is in self defense, violence is never the answer, words are so much more powerful. Because look at all the trouble he is in now. I will say though and not to justify it by any means, but i am sure the victim will think twice before he pulls that crap again…



via City Hall hammer attacker: I did it because they called me ‘gay’  – NY Daily News.

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