Jamaican Dancehall/Reggae artist Beenie Man Apologizes for his anti-gay lyrics….

Beenie Man, one of the most controversial Jamacian dancehall/reggae singers who in the 90′s sang songs with lyrics advocating the killing of gay people, has now changed his ways and has issued a YouTube apology to the LGBT community.

It is not a surprise that Jamaican singers tend to be almost all homphobic, the country is one of the most homphobic places in the world. With a high gay murder rate. Like Buju Banton who is still vicously homophobic, Beenie Man has had many concerts cancelled and protested around the world because of his anti-gay lyrics. Which advocated ”shoot” and “hang” people he abuses as “queers”, “faggots” and ”bum-fuckers”.

But those days are now long behind him and Beenie has a whole new out look on the LGBT in which he apologizes for his past hate.

In May of this year, Beenie made YouTube apology saying:

“Let me make this clear…I have nothing against no one. I respect each and every human being regardless of which race or creed, regardless of which religious belief…regardless of which sexual preference you have including gay and lesbian people.”

You can read his entire interview at the Advocate.com by clicking the below link.

via EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW Beenie Man Apologizes | Advocate.com.

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