Gay Author Brett Easton Ellis at it again, disses openly gay Matt Bomer…

I have said many times how Brett is my favorite author, but he continuoulsy takes to his twitter to spew his discontent. In his latest diss he slams the idea of Matt Bomer playing the lead male in the film version of  E.L. James’ Fifty Shades of Grey. 

Brett tweeted that casting Bomer  “is the equivalent [of] casting Jesse Tyler Ferguson.”

Actually it’s two disses! First off Jesse does a great job on his show and is a good actor. Secondly and more importantly, we gays have enough people working against us on the out side, we do not need to feed on our own…

via Brett Easton Ellis, Internet Trolls Don’t Think Matt Bomer Can Play Straight Lead In 50 Shades Of Grey / Queerty.







  1. Wilma Fingerdo
    Wilma Fingerdo08-13-2012

    BEE is a sad old bitchy queen.

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