Exodus Leader Chambers, reveals you can not change sexual orientation on Tonight’s Our America…

On the season finale of Our America With Lisa Ling called “Pray the Gay Away?” Lisa revisits  Chambers, Exodus’s leader,  who says Our America changed his mind on reparative therapy. 

“Do I think there are people living a gay Christian life who are going to be in heaven with me?” he asks rhetorically. “I do. If they have a relationship with God.” He says that Christians should now shift from “change” to “acceptance” because the gay cure doesn’t work and gays who believe in God can know God as intimately as any heterosexual person.

Chambers, who has long considered himself an “ex-gay” and is married to a woman, says that he no longer believes prayer can make gays become straight but making that announcement has meant that there are “pockets of the evangelical community who think I’ve betrayed Christ,” he tells Ling. “I’m a heretic in some circles.”

Chambers is finally admitting what he has known all along; The power of  dick just won’t quit…

All kidding aside, Exodus is the leading ex-gay conversion therapy group in the country in which many right wing groups such as the charitable arm of Chick-fil-A donates thousands of dollars to a year. Hopefully this will have a major impact and put the stake through Exodus…

I’ve always said this type of  ”therapy” should be illegal. 

via Breaking News Exodus Leaders Shocking Revelation Tonight on Our America | Advocate.com.

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