Deadspin wants to know what price they should buy FRONTAL naked pics of Ryan Lochte for?

Deadspin is apparently haggling like a Canal street junkie with the lucky person who happens to be in the possession of hottie Ryan Lochte’s self taken penis shots.

Here is what Deadspin reports:

The penis supposedly belongs to Olympic gold/silver/bronze swimming medalist Ryan Lochte. The photograph is a neck-down bathroom-mirror self-portrait, in which the tip of the penis almost but not quite reaches into the sink basin.

The provenance of the photo is less than ideal. It was allegedly taken for a now-ex-girlfriend of Lochte’s. After the Olympics, a friend of the ex began passing the photo along to her friends, and it soon made its way to our source.

I gave my humble opinion; PAY ANYTHING! Just get the pics ;)

via Deadspin, Sports News without Access, Favor, or Discretion.

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