Cat Fight: San Fran LGBT Activists wage war over Straights taking over former Eagle Tavern space…

Like Storm Troopers LGBT activists took over a  San Francisco Supervisors Committee  meeting on Monday and stopped them from approving a liquor license for the old historical gay bar site, Eagle Tavern.

The popular bar which closed it’s doors in May of 2011 was a landmark in San Francisco.

The routine permit hearing was overwhelmingly interrupted by those who don’t want the bar to re-open as a “straight establishment” in the future. Supervisors Scott Wiener and David Campos said it would be a huge loss to the gay community.

Others spoke out saying that it wasn’t just any gay bar, but that it was one with international appeal.

Many had hoped that it would somehow re-open or be replaced by another leather bar.

Anyway, the supervisors committee decided to delay the hearing until September.

ps. If the community wants to keep it a gay bar, than some queens better come up with the cash. It would be great to re-open the Eagle…And really, don’t we have enough straight bars…Snore…

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via LGBT Activists Demand Preservation For Vacant Eagle Tavern In SF « CBS San Francisco.

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