Bestselling Author Victim of Gay Hate Campaign, Over bi-sexual character…Really?

Author Sarah Luddington is at the center of a gay hate onslaught because of the main character in her novel , Lancelot and The Wolf, is bisexual.

The first book in the series, Lancelot and The Wolf, recently became part of a free promotion on Amazon Kindle and stormed the charts. However, what followed appears to be a concerted campaign of homophobic reviews and a stream of hate emails. Homophobic reviewers have described it as “Twisted,” “Perverted” and “Disgusting.” This level of gay hatred is highly significant in that it comes just at a time when the campaign for same sex marriage is finally gaining ground.

A flurry of One-Star reviews on the Amazon U.S. site first alerted publishers Mirador that there may be a problem. On investigation it was discovered that the reviews all came within a few days and that the tone was similar with a pronounced right-wing, anti-gay bias. Shortly afterwards the hate emails started, coming into both the publisher’s offices and to Sarah Luddington personally.

“Initially I was surprised by the venom directed toward my books,” Sarah said. “But as it went on I found it became quite distressing. It seems one can write about pretty much anything these days but to infer that King Arthur and Lancelot were lovers is tantamount to flag burning.”

Lancelot and The Wolf is the first in a series of books featuring the sexually ambivalent knight.

People, grow up. don’t read the book if the thought of 2 people engaging in sex repulses you that much and if it does i strongly suggest you do not look in the mirror when you’re naked or doing the nasty…


via Bestselling Author Victim of Gay Hate Campaign – PR Newswire – The Sacramento Bee.

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