William Lynch Not Guilty in Beating of Priest He Said Sexually Abused Him…

William Lynch, the 44-year-old California man who admitted he pummeled a Jesuit priest who he said abused him as a boy, has been found not guilty of felony assault and elder abuse charges.

The jury of nine men and three women could not reach a verdict on a lesser charge of misdemeanor assault for the 2010 attack at a retirement home, deadlocking 8-4 to convict him.

Lynch could have faced four years in jail if convicted on all the charges.

“I honestly thought I was going to jail,” Lynch said after the verdicts were read, according to The Associated Press. “It turned our better than I expected.”

Lynch testified that he visited Lindner with the intention of having the aging Lindner sign a confession, but when the priest “looked up and leered” at him in much the same way he did more than 35 years ago when he sexually abused him, Lynch said he ordered the priest to take off his glasses and hit him.

On a family camping trip 35 years ago, when Lynch was 7, he said he was brutally raped by Lindner and was then forced to perform sex acts on his 4-year-old brother. The alleged attack occurred in the Santa Cruz Mountains in 1974.

I am not for violence of any kind but i will say that i am glad he got off. A couple of punches to the face do not make up for the horrible things he did to Lynch..

via William Lynch Found Not Guilty in Beating of Priest He Said Sexually Abused Him – Yahoo! News.

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