Vetting for Mitt Romney’s Vice President: “have you had a homosexual encounter?”

Umm, what republican hasn’t? Romney’s henchmen have been on the move for months, vetting potential VP candidates to avoid any campaign killing secrets that one might have. And it is almost as invasive as a prostate exam although not as fun. 

 Jason Zengerle of GQ went to Washington’s top vetters only to find out what they really want to know; are you tea-bagging on the side…

Less than an hour after I meet the vetter for the first time, he asks me if I’ve always been faithful to my wife. Next he wants to know if I’ve ever been accused of sexual harassment. And then whether I’ve ever paid for sex. Before long he’s asking me about any past history I might have with sadomasochism. Internet-porn memberships? Sexting?

As he grills me about my sexual history, he does not dull the awkwardness by looking down at his desk and hiding in the papers in front of him. He stares me hard in the eye. So far, I’ve answered “yes” to the question about my fidelity and “no” to all of the other ones. I don’t text much, and when I do, it’s usually to my wife, checking on whose turn it is to pick up the kids at preschool. But he is far from done.

“Have you ever,” he asks, “had a homosexual encounter?”


“Could a rogue IT guy have access to a sex tape or anything like that?”


He makes a check mark on his sheet of paper, and then there’s a long pause. I start to think I’m finally out of the woods. But no, he has a follow-up, a loophole in his last question that needs closing. He looks right at me. “Is there a sex tape?”

Ok, i would not get the job. I answered yes to 6 of the above questions, but i will let you guess which ones ;)

via The Vetting Search for Mitt Romney’s Vice President – GQ July 2012: Politics: GQ.

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