Titans QB Matt Hasselbeck: On teammate being gay “Yeah, so what”?

Matt Hasselbeck brother to former footballer Tim and brother in law to Lizzy, told Outsports.com that he could care less if a teammate was gay and thinks it would be brave of them.

“The quarterback room conversation was that, ‘Hey, has anybody played with an openly gay teammate?’ And nobody had,” Hasselbeck told Outsports. “And it’s kind of irrelevant to the discussion in terms of how we would view that person as a teammate or how we would view that person as a friend, or how we would trust that person.”

On a gay teammate in the locker room:

“The question did come up, well, what about in the shower? And those are tricky, delicate issues. But so are female reporters in the locker room. There’s rarely a clear, black and white answer on a lot of tricky issues. But I think, at least for the three quarterbacks in our room, it was kind of a shrug, yeah, so what?”

As far as the “shower” thing goes, i am not directing this to Hasselback because its obvious he has a non issue with a gay teammate and we love that. But in general, i have been naked with my straight friends and straight men in lockers rooms dozens of times.  Nobody cares. Unless of course you are that freak in the corner that pulls his underwear on underneath his towel, or the weirdo at the gym i go to in CT that puts his clothes on in the shower stall after he finishes. ;)

We all have penis’s and we have all looked at others regardless of sexual orientation, it’s called measuring up & sizing up the competition. ;)  Lastly, as i always say, the only reason a guy would be uncomfortable about a gay man seeing him in the locker room all au naturel is one of 2 reasons, (or both)  either he is insecure about  his “short comings” or he is afraid of popping a chub… ;) I say the latter….

via Matt Hasselbeck, Titans QB, doesn’t care if a teammate is gay, talked to team about it – Outsports.

  1. Wilma Fingerdo
    Wilma Fingerdo07-28-2012

    It’s clear that all the brains are in the Hasselbeck gene pool and Lizzy didn’t get any, just the name.

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