Thom Evans former Rugby player, hot, speedo lovin’, and shirtless in Italy…

Super hot former rugby player Thom Evans was frolicking in a skimpy pair of orange budgy smugglers, during a recent trip to Italy. All i can is is OMG. You must check them out…And do you want to see him naked? And naked with his brother? click right here. And you are more than welcome ;)



via DNA – Thom Evans Shirtless in Italy.

  1. timothy R
    timothy R07-15-2012

    that link goes to a really, really offensively homophobic website by some guy who posts pictures of hot athletes, says he is only turned on by straight guys, that he’s straight and he puts down gay men every chance he gets and says very ugly things about gay men. scary.

    • Izzoiz

      thanks Tim. I did not check out the entire site when i posted the link. I have now redirected the link to another site with his pics on them.

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