Scumbag of the day: Scott Lively urges Springfield Mo, to not pass anti-discrimination proposal…

Anti-gay mega monster Scott Lively who is beyond obsessed with gays, stood next to a sign that read “Human Rights Commission is a Trojan horse for the gay agenda,” during a speech in Springfield MO, in which he urged the people to not allow a non-discrimination ordinance to pass. Which would extend civil rights protections to LGBT community.

“Don’t let this anti-discrimination ordinance go through,” said Lively during his Friday night presentation at The Library Station on North Kansas Expressway. “It’s like chicken pox. It’s in your system forever. You’ve got to kill this thing before it goes in.”

The measure comes before the full council next month.

70 People from both sides of the issue attended the speech, which was followed by a question-and-answer session. Some nodded in agreement. Others shook their heads in disbelief saying Lively was spreading paranoid misinformation and characterizing people fighting for the right to marry and have families as anti-family.

Lively, who said he paid his own way to Springfield to share this message, argued that homosexual activists have capitalized on what he called the black civil rights movement by bundling their rights with those he called “legitimate ethnic minorities” and riding their coattails to social legitimacy.

“Since when is sodomy a civil right,” said Lively, who lives in Springfield, Mass. “It’s a ridiculous, preposterous notion! There’s absolutely no correlation between sodomy and skin color.”

Diversity training, sensitivity training, anti-discrimination ordinances and human rights commissions give the network of focused, highly organized homosexual activists the leverage they need to violate the rights of Christians opposing the gay agenda, he said.

How pathetically weak for scumbags like lively using sodomy as the reason. Hello, is heterosexuality only about vaginal intercourse? As we all well know, homosexuality is of the same essence as heterosexuality. It is not all about the sexual act. Not to mention, how many straight couples love to take it in the butt.

“No correlation between Sodomy and skin color”? LOLS. I mean for realz? Who ever said there was? But there is correlation between gays and skin color. Because like skin color, you are born gay. There may not be biology to prove it yet, as there is no biology to prove heterosexuality, but we all know the truth. 

via Lively urges fight against Springfield’s anti-discrimination proposal | Springfield News-Leader |

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