Same-Sex Wedding Registry Ad, Target style…

Can’t wait for the christian crazies to get all up in their bibles over this. Apparently last month, Target released this same-sex ad promoting their wedding registry. I did not see it, but why would I? I am not walking down the aisle anytime soon. You’d have to have a man to do that ;)

But we love it just the same!

via Target’s Same-Sex Wedding Registry Ad Is Kinda Awesome | The New Civil Rights Movement.

  1. Jim Hlavac
    Jim Hlavac07-26-2012

    And to think, Target was all antigay and called a horror story on this very website (and many others,) not that long ago. “Boycott!” was I recall, called for. My my, how things have “evolved,” eh? Target was anti-gay, now they have seen the light. This is the reason I keep saying, talk to one’s enemies, and they too shall see the light, for God has put us here for a reason — to bring peace and good will (Yeah, a little messianic, it’s kept me going for decades.) — even the most rabid of the Perkins, Spriggs and Fischers will seek our forgiveness. Of this I am sure. And perhaps because those “nasty” Log Cabinettes are talking to them. I recall back in 1978 when the Teamsters Union and the Gays got together to talk to Coors beers, and lo, now Coors is all a-friendly, and unions too (mostly) and so many more.. This is the experience of 40 years in this fight for our existence. Welcome to the Evolvers club, Izzo and Target, and everyone else. :)

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