Pregnant lesbian couple told to leave park: ‘Those type of people were not welcomed there,’”

Jessica Miller-Poole

A lesbian couple, one of whom is pregnant were having their photos taken at E.C. Million Memorial Park in Richmond KY, by a  local photographer when they were told by a park gatekeeper to leave after they kissed in one of the photos.

The couple believe they were ordered to leave because they are gay, which is legal in Kentucky because gays are not protected under civil rights laws.

Cheri Chenault and her partner, Destiny Keith, are expecting a baby boy on Sept. 29, and they were having maternity pictures taken by Jessica Miller-Poole, owner of 13 Wishes Photography.

Miller-Poole then said she asked the couple if they wanted a picture of them kissing.

“They were a little reluctant, and they kissed so quickly that I wasn’t even able to take a picture of it,” she said.

The  park gatekeeper approached them.

“He said that we had to leave and that it was inappropriate,” Miller-Poole said.

Miller-Poole’s husband accompanies her on all photo shoots, she said.

“He talked to the man and said that if it was because they were two women, that he wanted to know,” Miller-Poole said. “The man said, ‘Those type of people were not welcomed there,’” she said.

“those types of people”? Ladies, drop a law suit, it is the only way change begins.

via Women told to leave E.C. Million Memorial Park » Local News » The Richmond Register.

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  1. Jim Hlavac
    Jim Hlavac07-11-2012

    OK, the incident happened in Richmond Virginia — which is not in Kentucky, so what Kentucky law is is sort of irrelevant — on the other hand, we don’t need “gay civil rights laws” to use public parks — nor is it “Illegal” for us to use a park because there’s no law that says “gays can use parks.” What we need is lawsuits that point out that we are taxpaying Americans, already entitled to use public parks because we pay for them too, and are citizens — and this is why I don’t like a lot of the “politically correct let’s have a law” nonsense — gay folks are already covered under “Public” — we don’t need a special “gay public” law to use a park. And it behooves the Gay Rights groups to grasp this fundamental fact and argue in every single Goddamned lawsuit that we are taxpayers being denied rights — not gays. We are entitled to Freedom of and Freedom from religion — and onward — and alas, gay rights groups keep trying to carve this “gay rights” stuff when it should be “rights for gays.”

    • Izzoiz

      oops, it was Richmond KY…LOL

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