New Condom: Tailor fit condom to your size…Best Concept Ever…

We have all heard of, and had the complaints about condoms not fitting right; too tight, too small, too big, yes we know it well. Now a new condom company called has come up with a concept i can not believe has never been thought of before, your own perfect fit condom. They have 95 varying sizes and widths. But  here is the BEST part. The company has a Fitkit the customers prints out and uses it to measure their peens (erect of course and who hasn’t done that) and then order your size!  And since it is all done through the website, there is no need for embarrassment or a line of bottoms chasing you out of Target when they see you throw the magnums on the counter.

“Imagine trying to encourage people to wear shoes, or women to wear bras, if all you had available were one or two sizes,” says Joe Nelson, head of TheyFit Europe. “It would be an impossible task and it’s perfectly comparable with condoms today—there simply aren’t the sizes necessary to fit men correctly and that is at the heart of the problem.” Nelson got involved with the prophylactics business after he left Goldman Sachs nine years.

Here is the bummer: Right now they are only available in Europe. But keep your boners up, they are working on product approval in they U.S. This should be a no brainer….

via The Bigger, The Better: New Condom Comes In 95 Different Sizes / Queerty.

  1. paradigmq

    this isn’t a new concept, has been selling custom fit condom for years.

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