Matthew McConaughey’s ‘Thong’ secret…

While on a presser for ” Magic Mike” Mateo revealed the secrets of his thong wearing.

“Only a little bit, but Channing did. We all tried to,” McConaughey explained to the TV show Lorraine, adding, “To put on a thong is uncomfortable and then you have to go out on stage and pretend you have been doing it all your life.”

Revealing how he was able to get comfortable in character, the 42-year-old dished, “So you would put on the thong, you would be kind of nervous, and you would try to have a normal conversation with somebody. I found that if I could put on the thong and say, ‘So, what did you have for dinner last night? What’s happening with you?’ if you could pull that off, that is good acting.”

On going to the gym while filming MM said: “If you tell a man that he will stripping on screen and his backside may be on there – 40ft high and 40ft wide – that will get a man to the gym.”

First off like he would have to worry about the gym. We have seen him in his off time and his body is one of the best. The only thing better than seeing Mathew McConaughey in a thong is;  it being around his ankles. 

via Matthew McConaughey’s ‘Thong’ Confession | GossipCenter – Entertainment News Leaders.

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