Lying Catholic Diocese caught red handed discriminating against gay couple…

 James Fairbanks and Alain Beret were pursuing the purchase of Oakhurst, a 44-bedroom mansion in Northbridge, owned by the Diocese of Worcester. Fairbanks and Beret planned to purchase the estate and turn it into a banquet facility.  However after their initial offer was accepted, the Diocese smelled gay in the water, although neither of the men ever discussed their marriage to anyone at the house of hate, and rejected their offer, but there was one little snafu. And like any good queen, we love snafu’s.

Monsignor Thomas Sullivan, who  oversees the sale of diocesan property, sent an email to the diocese broker:

“I just went down the hall and discussed it with the bishop,” Msgr. Sullivan wrote. “Because of the potentiality of gay marriages there, something you shared with us yesterday, we are not interested in going forward with these buyers. I think they’re shaky anyway. So, just tell them that we will not accept their revised plan and the Diocese is making new plans for the property. You find the language.”

Here is the only language i can find, FU ;) There was one little problem, the email was a back and forth exchange, so when it was sent to the couple, the Monsignor’s comment was attached at the bottom. Lols. Burn! 

State law prohibits discriminating against buyers because of sexual orientation. So they have a big problem on their hands. The lord works in mysterious ways…

ps, Here even a juicier nugget, Oakhurst use to be the House of Affirmation, a treatment place for child raping priests, until it was closed down as a result of some scandal back in the 80′s. Can only imagine what that scandal involved.   

The nerve of those Catholics…

via ‘Plans’ don’t include sale to gay couple – Worcester Telegram & Gazette –

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  1. Jim Hlavac
    Jim Hlavac07-26-2012

    For a church that needs the money to pay their penalties in their child abuse scandals they are being awfully shortsighted. Plus, in real estate “Offer Accepted” is fairly binding. Jesus would tell those rich folks to give the house away, of course. But the popes and their money are not quickly parted.

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