James Franco is making “Homo-Sex-Art-Film”…

We love Homo, we love James Franco and we Loooove Sex. So I can not think of a better combo ;)

Apparently James Franco who seems to love playing or being involved with gay cinema has teamed up with ” I want your Love” & ” In their room” creator Travis Mathews. If you have not seen either of those shorts, i suggest you get your rear and lube over to to his site right now because they are HOT and might i ad extremely well done films.

Here is what Mathews had to say about it on a recent post:

“Last week I got an email from James Franco’s agent asking if I’d be interested in collaborating with him on a homo-sex-art-film,” Mathews wrote on his website. “A day later we were on the phone and a week later we’re in pre-production! We’ll be shooting at the end of July, I’ll be editing in August, and in September it’s going to play in a show in NYC. We’re staying pretty mumsy on the specifics for now, but I can tell you that it’s going to ruffle some feathers. Stay tuned!”

And we will! September can’t come fast enough. But all kidding aside, you must go watch Mathew’s films. ” I want your love” is so erotic and like i said well done, one viewing will not be enough…Trust me ;)

via James Franco To Team With ‘I Want Your Love’ Helmer Travis Mathews On “Homo-Sex-Art-FIlm” | The Playlist.

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