GOProud Jimmy LaSalvia has his claws out over Victory Fund teaming w/ Dan Savage

The feud between Dan Savage (L) and self loathing mo’ Jimmy Sue LaSalvia is as famous as  Krystale & Alexis. Ok well not exactly but you get the point. Jimmy girl has his Payless pumps all in a twist after the announcement by the Victory Fund that they are teaming with the “It gets better” co-creator for a bunch of documentary specials. Jimmy is annoyed over Savages remarks about destructive gay republicans such as LaSalvia…

The Victory Fund announced Wednesday that it would partner with Savage and his production team behind the It Gets Better documentary specials on MTV and Logo to chronicle the experience of openly LGBT candidates undertaking the challenge of running for elected office. Savage will be granted “unprecedented access” to the Gay & Lesbian Victory Institute’s campaign and candidate training, a boot camp that draws candidates seeking city and state-level offices around the country.

Jimmy LaSalvia, a GOProud co-founder, said in a statement that the partnership threatens to besmirch the Victory Fund’s “bipartisan mission.” Last month, Savage called LaSalvia’s group “house faggots” in a tweet after GOProud announced its endorsement of Mitt Romney for president. He later wrote a column that compared the group to “meth addicts.”

“How can the Victory Fund claim to work to elect openly gay Republicans while at the same time partnering with a man who called gay Republicans ‘house faggots’ and compared us to meth addicts?” he said. “What kind of message does this partnership send to the openly LGBT Republican candidates across the country? What kind of message does it send to Republicans in general about the type of organization that the Victory Fund actually is?”

Let me explain it to you girl. There are many gay people who are republicans, however they have enough self respect (do you know what that word means?) to not vote for a candidate, with in their own identified party,  who publicly says that gays do not deserve the same rights as everyone else.  They are not Ann Coulter lovin’ Auntie Toms such as yourself. It is safe to say that when Savage made those comments, ‘house faggots’ & meth addicts, although he was so on the mark, he was only referring to ‘gay republicans’ like yourself who will do anything to throw your own people under the bus to make your wallet fat, in order to pay for those frosty locks of yours. Which by the way, you would be much better suited with an Eva Gabor wig. Don’t you think?

i think this number would look ravishing on you…;)








Denis Dison mouth piece for the VF had this to say in an to The Advocate. He said his organization was “proud” to partner with the It Gets Better team, which has “literally saved lives” by promoting the “universal values of self-respect, tolerance and pride.”

Keyword Jimmy: ‘Self-respect’. Enough said.

Team Savage always…

you can read the rest of the statement at the link below.

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