Gay Men & Baseball Caps: A match made in Masculine heaven…

In our culture we are well aware of the attractiveness of masculinity or perceived masculinity i should say. How many times do I you read a craigslist post or manhunt/adam4adam or Grindr profile that boast of ones ‘str8 acting’ or ‘masculine’ qualities. Which right there reveals the real truth: they are a sissy nelly queen.

Rich Juzwiak over at Gawker, has taken one of the symbols of str8 guy masculinity, the basball cap and breaks it down of for us gays.

The greatest irony of all happens when a man’s manhood takes over, he goes bald and then he uses this object of masculinity to cover it up. I hooked up with this guy who answered his door in a baseball cap and nothing else and then wore it the entire time we fooled around. (This was something of a turn-on, really. I will admit that I am a big fan of the porn-approved turning of the hat brim from the front to the back to suck cock because I dig ceremony.) Anyway, that was weird, but not weirder than when we took a shower after and he kept the cap on. Under the water and everything. He got his hat wet as though it were his head, except it wasn’t because it was a fucking cloth hat. I was praying he’d go for the shampoo bottle, but alas. This all mostly worked for him, though. He was a hairdresser and I guess he knew exactly what he needed to keep his head looking good at all times.

ps. I am a hat person, not a pill box, but i do love a baseball cap, drivers cap, knitted beanies and any other head cover that tickles my fancy…But i have never thought about the masculine aspect of it. Probably because i am anything but ;) Can i get a lisp up in here!

via When Gay Men Think Baseball Caps Make Them Masculine.

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