Gays Love NY: Gay Marriage Brought bucks in the tune of $259 Million to New York City. In just a year!…

In it’s first year of law, Mayor Michael Bloomberg and Council Speaker Christine Quinn announced that Gay marriage in New York City alone brought in $259 million from all festivities that the 8,200+ gay-marriage licenses spawned. 

A Bloomberg report says $55 million came in from hotel stays alone:

More than 200,000 guests have since traveled from outside of the city to attend same-sex wedding receptions, and more than 235,000 hotel room nights were booked at an average daily room rate of $275, according to the mayor’s statement.

Just think of what the catholic church could do with $259 mil. That alone would cover all the lawsuits and legal fees brought on by the child raping priests…Ok, maybe only a quarter, but still!

via Gay Marriage Brought $259 Million to New York City In a Single Year.

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