Gay dads targeted in vicious anti-gay hate crimes. Cops not taking it seriously…

Felix Bermea and his partner say they and their 4 children have been the targets of vicious hate crimes and says the cops are not taking it seriously.

“I truthfully believe it’s because we’re a gay couple and because I’m Hispanic,” Felix Bermea told Raw Story. “There’s no doubt whatsoever in my mind that this is a hate crime.”

Over the past 10 weeks, Bermea has had to call the Gilbert police about a dozen times regarding repeated attacks that are only escalating.

It started with graffiti on cars and the street outside the home. Then it moved to bushes being set on fire. They also claim that someone has been banging on doors and windows of  disabled daughter. And finally, the house was broken into and profanity was scrawled in the kitchen and several of the children’s rooms.

“Somebody had used the marker and wrote ‘ass’ on the [kitchen] island of our house,” Bermea recalled. “In my son’s room, they wrote ‘bitch.’ In my daughter’s room, they wrote ‘hell.’ You know, these are not words — young kids that want to create problems, they’re usually like, ‘fuck you’ or ‘asshole.’ To me, those are specific words that they are using, hateful words.”

“Somebody has invested time in watching us. They’re investing time. It is not just kids having a good time. It’s not. They are investing time and terrorizing my kids.”

To make matters worse, the couple feels that the Gilbert Police Department has not moved quickly enough to investigate the case. The family was only assigned a detective last week after they complained to the department’s internal affairs.

“You got to act really dumb to pretend something’s not happening,” Bermea said, explaining that the police told him that the crimes were not occurring anywhere else in the neighborhood. “You really have to reach to say that this is not a targeted family.”

“I feel like they’re not taking it seriously,” he added. “I want that this community, who is predominately Mormon, I want them to feel pressured that they are obligated to take care of everybody in this community.”

Mormon community? Well, that kind of says it all ;)…But all kidding aside, this type of behavior is disgusting. No word on if the couple has set up hidden cameras, but that would be the logical next stop.

via Gay Arizona dads targeted with domestic ‘terrorism’ | The Raw Story.

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