Elton John tells the Ukraine to stop antigay violence and vote NO on anti-gay propaganda law…

During a concert on Saturday night in the Ukraine, Elton John urged the country to stop the violence against the LGBT community and to say no to the Law 8711 which would make any any public discussion on the LGBT illegal. Wtf? really disgusting that laws like this are even proposed.

“Recently I have read that people who are gay in Ukraine have been beaten up. And that for me is wrong. And that for me doesn’t symbolize Ukraine,” he said. “Ukraine is a good place and it is full of great people. It should never be a crime to be a different color, or a different religion or a different sexual orientation. We are all God’s children. We all deserve a chance. And I plead with you Ukraine, stop the violence against gay people and say no to law 8711. You are great people Ukraine. I love you very much. Let us embrace each other and hold each other close. We are all special people.”

via Elton John Calls for Antigay Violence in Ukraine to Stop | Advocate.com.

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