Possible gay twist in West Hollywood Murder…

John Steven Simons

On June 9th, the weekend of Gay Pride in West Hollywood, police were called about a terrible odor coming out of a Cadillac Escalade on the West Hollywood border. Upon arriving, Police found the body of John Steven Simons wrapped up and the cause of death, a gunshot wound to the upper body. Simon’s step brother, Jacob Anthonisen, is the owner of the escalade and is wanted for questioning but can not be located. Due to the parking tickets on the suv, police believe the car had been there for as long as two weeks.

Anthonisen was apparently a celebrity hanger, photos of him with celebs have been appearing.

An anonymous source told Weho News that “Jacob was definitely a part of the Hollywood scene, but definitely more about getting people to sell his art. I’ve never even seen him drink.” and  he “ was the quiet guy in the corner who talks to all the hot girls.”

The friend said that a female with 10-year long friendship with Mr. Anthonisen could not say whether he was gay or straight.

Jacob Anthonisen

“He’s more asexual than anything,” they said.

asexual = closet case. Take a gander at the photo of Anthonisen in the bra. Nough said.

Police say Jacob Anthonisen is a “person of interest” in Mr. Simmon’s death.

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via WeHo News.

  1. Clair

    This is funny! Jacob was anything but quiet and a complete womanizer! He was having sex with a few of my female friends. He loved to be the center of attention and had quite the kinky sexual appetite! I think he’s been found and arraigned by the way! http://fulano.info/forum/thread-9485.html

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