Just when we thought it couldn’t get worse: ‘Project GoGo boy’ has arrived…

Since Logo did us all a favor by so gracioulsy kicking  the A-List franchise to the curb, Cockyboys.com has come up with the perfect solution to fill the dog days of summer viewing with a little diddy called ‘Project GoGo Boy’. Fisting, cheating, blow jobs, cell phones, g-strings, slings, but sex and “i’ll kill you’s” litter this project. It’s hard for a gogo out there.

Yes i know what your thinking. This brings a whole new meaning to the word trash. First up it should be called Project Twink or 15yr old boys, because the main characters look like two prepubescence tweens and is there anything more attractive than that? Well if you are Jerry Sandusky or a catholic priest it is. These are not the hot ass muscle MEN gogo boys of The Abbey (which i will be at tonight), Mickeys, Here bar or Splash. Now i’m not against twinks, i mean to eaches own, but how about a variety?  

This ‘project” epitomizes the worst characters of the gay community and i am not talking gogo’s in general but when you watch the trailer, you will get what i am saying. Thank god it only runs on a gay porn site a least gays will be the only ones who see it and we are well aware of all aspects of our culture.You must watch the trailer just for a good laugh and i mean AT it! ;)

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